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Planned Activities for Fund Raising

Funding is essential to carry out research activity of good quality. This page will 'alert' you on MISSED funding-source opportunities: all younger, talented people are encouraged to explore these pages, so that their skills may improve by experience.


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November 2010  - Good News on the Newsletter. To read it fully, please click here.

The Netherlands, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Latvia, Poland and the UK jointly invested 8 Million Euro in the first PRIOMEDCHILD joint call. The Joint Call received 22 pre-proposals when the call closed on January 7th this year, requesting a total of 18 Million Euro. The 22 consortia consisted of 110 research groups from 12 different countries. After review by the Scientific Advisory Board, 16 applicants were invited to send in a full proposal. These full proposals were reviewed by referees, after which the applicants were given the possibility for a rebuttal. The Scientific Advisory Board assessed the proposals and reviews and after a final meeting of the Call Committee, a list of fundable projects was composed. We are really happy to announce that, among the granted projects, there is also :

•      NEURO-GEN-MRI “Validating non invasive imaging of the serotonergic- and dopaminergic system and adult neurogenesis with MRI; towards a better insight in the neurobiological mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders in the paediatric population”. A collaboration between The Netherlands,  France, UK and Italy. Coordinator Dr. L. Reneman. The PI for Italy, dr W. Adriani, says "Joining this program will give more opportunity to study new animal models of ADHD / depression, and to develop innovative biomarker-based screening in ADHD / depressed children".  

The ERA-NET  PRIOMEDCHILD (Priority Medicines For Children)  is a partnership between funding organizations from EU, to bring coherence and cooperation to national research programmes and policies on research on Priority Medicines for Children. Go (!) to ERA-NET documents. EMMA website will serve as a support, to divulge the advancement of "NEURO-GEN-MRI" program (2011-2014): you will be able to track the activities on innovative animal models, new psychoactive drugs and biomarker-based diagnosis for ADHD / adolescent depression.  These are shared and partially overlapping aims  with the "ADHD-sythe" program (2009-2012), of which you can check goals that have been achieved.


Novenber 2008 - The Italian Ministry of Health funds biomedical research by young "under 40" researchers. A grant application by dr Walter Adriani, one of EMMA's younger people, has been selected by the referee panel and assigned funds have now been received. EMMA is pleased to announce that its website will serve as a support to divulge the advancement of this program, called "ADHD-sythe", during years 2009-2012. Thus, you can track the recent activities (2009-2012) on innovative animal models and novel medication for ADHD. Part of these activities now continue under "NEURO-GEN-MRI" (2011-2014), aimed at brain imaging (phMR+fcMRI screening) in ADHD models, of which this website reports.    


The Compagnia di San Paolo, an italian bank foundation, funds biomedical research in the field of neurosciences. A grant application filed to this program has been REJECTED. It would have given the concrete opportunity to study animal models of ADHD, and innovative blood screening in ADHD children.

The NARSAD, a leading charity in the US, funds basic and clinical neuropsychiatry research by young investigators. A grant application filed to this program has been REJECTED. It would have given the concrete opportunity to study innovative animal models of ADHD, incl. MR screening.  


ECNP Research Grant for Young Scientists !!! 

Other aspects: announcement about possible future research focuses of EMMA. 

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