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Publications Suggested by EMMA's people


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Tongue out We announce an upcoming TOPIC (Go!) for Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience : it will be guest edited by Dr Walter ADRIANI and Prof Carla PERRONE-CAPANO, and will call for papers (opinions, commentaries, original investigations, reviews) allowing to focus on the "Further Understanding of Serotonin 7 Receptors’ Neuro-Psycho-Pharmacology". Browse the duties of Guest Editors


Sealed Article: Food, nutrigenomics, and neurodegeneration-neuroprotection by what you eat! (2013 - link to DOI). By: Virmani A, et al. Journal: Molecular Neurobiology 48, 353-62.


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Find below the full reference of older papers (2009 or before). Full text of all older papers is available to download for free.

Audero E, Coppi E, Mlinar B, Rossetti T, Caprioli A, Banchaabouchi MA, Corradetti R, Gross C. (2008) Sporadic autonomic dysregulation and death associated with excessive serotonin autoinhibition. Science. 321(5885): 130-133.

There is some very interesting news: we describe the enduring consequences of methyl-phenidate (Ritalin) exposure in adolescent rats, and the role of serotonin (5-HT) receptor 7 in impulsivity. There has been an invited oral talk to ADHD 2009 (Vienna, Austria), and the paper (on Genes Brain and Behavior, 2009) is available now for download. Here are other recent papers from EMMA's people on the ADHD issue...

Adriani W, Canese R, Podo F, Laviola G (2007) 1H MRS-detectable metabolic brain changes and reduced impulsive behavior in adult rats exposed to methylphenidate during adolescence. Neurotoxicology and Teratology 29: 116-125. Download here. See presentation to FENS 2006
Adriani W, Leo D, Guarino M, Natoli A, Di Consiglio E, De Angelis G, Traina E, Testai E, Perrone-Capano C, Laviola G (2006) Short-term effects of adolescent methylphenidate exposure on brain striatal gene expression and sexual/endocrine parameters in male rats. Annals NY Acad Sci 1074: 52-73. Download here.

Adriani W, Leo D, Greco D, Rea M, Di Porzio U, Laviola G, Perrone-Capano C (2006) Methylphenidate administration to adolescent rats determines plastic changes on reward-related behavior and striatal gene expression. Neuropsychopharmacology 31: 1946–1956. Download here.

Here are some recent works on innovative therapeutic approaches:

Ognibene E, Adriani W, Caprioli A, Ghirardi O, Ali SF, Aloe L, Laviola G (2008) The effect of early maternal separation on brain derived neurotrophic factor and monoamine levels in adult heterozygous reeler mice. Progress in Neuro-psycho-pharmacology & Biological Psychiatry, in press. Download here the published paper (through ScienceDirect).
Ognibene E, Bovicelli P, Adriani W, Caprioli A, Saso L, Laviola G (2007) Behavioral effects of 6-bromoflavanone and 5-methoxy-6,8-dibromoflavanone as anxiolytic compounds. Progress in Neuro-psycho-pharmacology & Biological Psychiatry 32: 128-134. Download here.
Marco EM, Adriani W, Canese R, Podo F, Viveros MP, Laviola G (2007) Enhancement of endo-cannabinoid signaling during adolescence : Modulation of impulsivity and long-term consequences on metabolic brain parameters in early maternally deprived rats. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 86: 334-345. Download here.
Marco EM, Granstrem O, Moreno E, Llorente R, Adriani W, Laviola G, Viveros MP (2007). Exposure to subchronic nicotine treatment in adolescence induces long-term effects on hippocampal and striatal cannabinoid-CB1 and m-opioid receptors in rats. European Journal of Pharmacology 557: 37-43. Download here.
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