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Clinical Research by EMMA's people (2011-2014)


Ongoing Experiments, Supported Public Project: ERA-net NEURO-GEN-MRI (2011-2014).

The present NeuroGenMRI project is aimed at establishing evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic criteria for ADHD and adolescent depression. Research will explore biomarkers in the field of tomographic imaging. There are also "preclinical" goals, aimed at basic neurobiology of ADHD and adolescent depression. This is the suite of a previous ADHD-sythe project: track the PRECLINICAL goals of ADHD-sythe project !!! 

The NeuroGenMRI project (founded by Italian Ministry of Health within the ERAnet "PrioMedChild" - joint call 2010) will achieve these CLINICAL goals: 1) establishing a potential role for auto-immune processes in human ADHD; 2) perform magnetic resonance (MR) measures of brain structure / function, both on children (i.e. ADHD patients) and on animal models, to draw possible correlations. At the recent meeting  (June 2012 in Caen, France) it was decided to launch the NewCheMRI website :

The ERAnet NewCheMRI consortium met in Amsterdam NL, december 2010 

NeuroGenMRI is the Italian partner of NewCheMRI (PI for Italy: Dr. Walter ADRIANI, PhD) - Follow our GoalsHere are our PRE-CLINICAL goals:


By month 24 (feb-2013)
… consequences of adolescent 5-HT7 drug treatment on phMRI signal;
 February 2013 - The experiment investigated phMRI response to acute Lp211 challenge in rats pretreated during adolescence with Lp211. We found that the BOLD effects differ under acute Lp211 depending on whether it is administered for the first time, or following previous adolescent, developmental exposure
On 16 December 2014: Data have been published (exp-to-pub 22 months) in a paper, presented to our TOPIC (Go!) on "Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience" (Guest Editors: Walter Adriani & Carla Perrone-Capano). 
Sealed L. Altabella, M. Sbriccoli, et al. (2014), Differential responses to acute administration (click to read paper directly) ...  Front. Behav. Neurosci.

By month 30 (aug-2013)
Report on phMRI with blockade of SERT in LentiSERT disease models;
July 2011 - The first inoculation of LentiSERT rats (done, also under the previous ADHD-sythe project; see experiments and papers delivered).
April-July 2013 - Second inoculation of LentiSERT rats. Two papers could well be written: (a) the full behavioural phenotype, including a progressive-ratio operant task and the ex-vivo confirmation of brain transfection (data by group in Caen); (b) phMRI response to acute fluoxetine administration.
  Forthcoming papers: (see Innocent WAR PLAN  2017-18 | very old experiments!
By month 36 (feb-2014)
… consequences of 5-HT7 drug developmental exposure on behavioral phenotype, ex-vivo markers & MRI. 
The experiment (years 2010-2011) has lead to two papers on "Synapse" and one on "PLoS One". 


Sealed Stimulation of 5-HT7 receptor during adolescence determines its persistent upregulation in adult rat forebrain areas. By: Nativio P, Zoratto F, Romano E, Lacivita E, Leopoldo M, Pascale E, Passarelli F, Laviola G, Adriani W (2015 - link through DOI ) Synapse 69: 533–542


 Sealed Prepuberal Stimulation of 5-HT7-R by LP-211 in a Rat Model of Hyper-Activity and Attention-Deficit: Permanent Effects on Attention, Brain Amino Acids and Synaptic Markers in the Fronto-Striatal Interface. By: Ruocco LA, Treno C, Gironi Carnevale UA, Arra C, Boatto G, Nieddu M, Pagano C, Illiano P, Barbato F, Tino A, Carboni E, Laviola G, Lacivita E, Leopoldo M, Adriani W, Sadile AG (2014 - link through DOI ) PLoS One; 9(4): e83003. Published: Apr 7


Sealed Emotional and risk seeking behavior after prepuberal subchronic or adult acute stimulation of 5-HT7-Rs in Naples High Excitability rats. By: Ruocco LA, Romano E, Treno C, Lacivita E, Arra C, Gironi-Carnevale UA, Travaglini D, Leopoldo M, Laviola G, Sadile AG, Adriani W (2014 - link through DOI ) Synapse; 68: 159-67.
 EXTRA & beyond (prolonged to dec-2014)
 July-August 2014: A further rs-fc MRI experiment has been run.
The NHE rat model of ADHD compared to NRB controls have been tested for gambling proneness and for resting state - functional connectivity MRI. Data are being published in one or two papers ...
 First paper: Zoratto et al. (2017) -- Status of a three-year journey: refused by Neuroimage and by Neuroscience as well as by Synapse, it has been accepted by Behav Brain Res (June 2017: 34 months needed!)

Enhanced limbic/impaired cortical-loop connection onto the hippocampus of NHE rats: application of resting-state functional connectivity in a preclinical ADHD model By: Zoratto F, Palombelli GM, Ruocco LA, Carboni E, Laviola G, Sadile AG, Adriani W, Canese R. (2017 - link through DOI ) Behav Brain Res. In press (June 24). 

Forthcoming (see Innocent WAR PLAN  2017-18 | very old experiments!) ... 
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