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Suggested Books


2a) A guide has been prepared to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This guide looks at ADHD, its treatment, symptoms, managing ADHD, ADHD in adults, and the genetic component behind ADHD. For more information please click on here ...


Animal and Translational Models for CNS Drug Discovery, 1-3

ANIMAL and TRANSLATIONAL MODELS for CNS DRUG DISCOVERY. To order and/or for information, click here ...

Edited By:
Robert McArthur, Associate Professor, Research Consultant Behavior Pharmacology, McArthur & Associates GmbH, Basel, CH
Franco Borsini, Head, Central & Peripheral Nervous System - R&D Dept, Sigma-tau SpA, Pomezia (Rome), IT

Minimize the number of drug candidates that could later fail in human trials! These three volumes provide a unique examination of how animal models are evolving from behavioral gut baths to providing cross-species information relevant to human clinical responses. Each volume provides the views and experiences of leading pre-clinical and clinical investigators who are actively involved in translational research and experimental medicine. Each volume is devoted to specific disorders in three scientific fields: Psychiatric, Neurological, and Reward Deficit.

2c) "Disorders due to prenatal alcohol exposure: the problem that did not exist" Edited by dr Rosanna Mancinelli & dr Giovanni Laviola (ISS, Italy) - Rapporti ISTISAN (in Italian) - SENT FOR FREE to EMMA's subscribers !!!

Significant lifestyle changes in alcohol use are involving exspecially women with decreasing age of first use of alcohol and increasing abuse problems. So, warning is arising about female health and children health since prenatal alcohol exposure may generate not reversible, but preventable damages globally defined FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders). On the basis of their scientific experience, in the 2007 the editors organized the first Course "Woman and child health: clinical and experimental aspects of alcohol exposure" and a second edition there was in 2008. At now, this Course is the unique in Italy devoted to clinical and experimental research about alcohol related problems in the woman and in the child. From course arose the need of scientific papers in Italian language that stimulated us to prepare this collection of contributions from international experts. Both original papers and suitably elaborated Italian translation from English papers, are included and proposed to the readers. Key words: alcohol abuse, woman, fetal alcohol syndrome.

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the 13th Dresden Symposium on Autoantibodies in September 2017.


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Beyond science: philosophy, mind and metabolism:
1) Genes, but ...NOT ONLY...

2) Latest hints on innovation: "ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES"

3) The burden of ADHD on modern society (families, health systems).
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