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(Impulsive) Decision Making, Gambling

One of the main research focuses of EMMA (INTEREST IS active AND EVER WILL BE) is the process of  (impulsive)  decision making and  (pathological)  gambling, as well as the role of forebrain neurocircuitry in this process.

It has been investigated under the ADHD-sythe project (2009-2012) and also under the NeuroGenMRI project (2011-2014), both led by Dr. W. Adriani, PI for Italy. Check the PRECLINICAL goals by "ADHD-sythe" project - See the CLINICAL goals of "NeuroGenMRI" projectA third project, sponsored and founded by the Italian Premier Ministry, was aimed to validate innovative animal models for pathological gambling and proneness to risky choices: check its goals and progresses through the GAMBLING (2014-2015) tracking webpage ...

Below, you will find the announcement of relevant papers, published in scientific journals, about the most innovative papers on this issue.  

23-mar-2018 | A manuscript reviewed by EMMA's people was accepted for publication: Here's the link to the Discussion Forum of the article!

Title: Sex differences in risk preference and c-Fos expression in paraventricular thalamic nucleus of rats during gambling task
Authors:  Hironori Ishii, Mariko Onodera, Sinya Ohara, Ken-Ichiro Tsutsui, Toshio Iijima -- Journal: Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience


We announce an upcoming TOPIC ( Go! ) for Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience :  it will be on "Decision-making under stress: the importance of cortico-limbic circuits". Topic Editors are: Ruud Van den Bos and Gert Flik, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands


Sealed Review Article, Published on 11 Feb 2014 (link through DOI). Title: Nonhuman gamblers: lessons from rodents, primates, and robots. By: Fabio Paglieri, Elsa Addessi, Francesca De Petrillo, Giovanni Laviola, Marco Mirolli, Domenico Parisi, Giancarlo Petrosino, Marialba Ventricelli, Francesca Zoratto and Walter Adriani. This review was invited in a TOPIC (Go!) for Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience on "Neuronal and Psychological Underpinnings of Pathological Gambling".  

and, also (in another journal),

Sealed Cross-species approaches to pathological gambling: a review targeting sex differences, adolescent vulnerability and ecological validity of research tools. 2013 (link through DOI). By: van den Bos R, Davies W, Dellu-Hagedorn F, Goudriaan AE, Granon S, Homberg J, Rivalan M, Swendsen J, Adriani W. Journal: Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 37: 2454-71.


novel, relevant papers: 

Chabout J., Cressant A., Hu X., Edeline J.M., Granon S. (2013) Making choice between competing rewards in uncertain vs. safe social environment: role of neuronal nicotinic receptors of acetyl-choline. Front Hum Neurosci. 7:468.

Addessi E., Paglieri F., Beran M. J., Evans T. A., Macchitella L., De Petrillo F., Focaroli V. (2013, April 1 - DOI). Delay Choice Versus Delay Maintenance: Different Measures of Delayed Gratification in Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus apella). Journal of Comparative Psychology.

F. Paglieri,V. Focaroli, J. Bramlett, V. Tierno, J.M. McIntyre, E.Addessi, T.A. Evans, M.J. Beran (2013 - DOI) The hybrid delay task: Can capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) sustain a delay after an initial choice to do so? Behavioural Processes 94: 45–54

Sescousse G., den Ouden H.E.M. (2013 - DOI) Gambling Rats and Gambling Addiction: Reconciling the Role of Dopamine in Irrationality. The Journal of Neuroscience 33: 3256 –3258

some classic papers:

T. Takahashi (2005 - manuscript) Loss of self-control in intertemporal choice may be attributable to logarithmic time-perception [appeared in Med. Hypotheses]

T. Takahashi (2009 - DOI) Theoretical frameworks for neuro-economics of intertemporal choice. Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology and Economics 2: 75–90

Interesting articles on mind and metabolism: the emerging field of "neuroeconomics" deals with neuroscience of social networking and decision making (read more, open-access article). EMMA recommends an interesting paper has been recently published on a 3W theory about how the mind formulates its "intentions" more in general.  

Triadic model of the neurobiology of motivated behavior in adolescence Psychological Medicine (2006), 36/3: 299-312
Click here to read ->

Gambling and its (pre)clinical investigation was the topic of an Expert Workshop, held in Rome (IT) on 2012, march 5
  to see Programme, click here and scroll down to past events!


Sealed These papers have also been suggested by EMMA's registered users, who freely act as AUTHORS by providing us LINKS, EVENTS and NEWS. To help us, and to signal new articles on this topic, please access to (or set) your own EMMA's account, using the LOGIN FORM !!!

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