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BDNF, serotonin, & mind ...
EMMA is committed to divulge and to highlight discoveries on new therapeutic tools for diseases of mind and metabolism (e.g., depression, mood disorders, psychoses, mental retardation, etc.).

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The brain derived neurotrophic factor and influences of stress in depression.

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Sigma-1 receptor agonists as therapeutic drugs for cognitive impairment in neuropsychiatric diseases.

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Can the sigma-1 receptor agonist fluvoxamine prevent schizophrenia?

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Sigma-1 receptors and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: clinical implications of their relationship.

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Behavioral and serotonergic consequences of decreasing or increasing hippocampus brain-derived neurotrophic factor protein levels in mice.

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Targeting TrkB neurotrophin receptor to treat depression.

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Wink New insights into BDNF function in depression and anxiety.

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A perspective on the new mechanism of antidepressants: neuritogenesis through sigma-1 receptors.

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Critical role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in mood disorders.

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Brain Res Brain Res Rev. 2004 May;45(2):104-14. Review.


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