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Horizon2020 - calls 2017

Proposal title

  Reverse vaccines for dopaminergic neuropsychiatric diseases

Duration in months 42  --  ACRONYM: REDONE

 FINAL ID: 801280    DRAFT ID: SEP-210471632

Research project submitted by the Spanish company AMARNA (among subunits, Dr. Walter ADRIANI at ISS) on 27/09/2017




 REDONE aims to establish a new vision on neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases (NPDs), to provide cutting edge technologies to reach this ambition and to enable treatment of these diseases. It focuses on the development of a novel reatment strategy for the two most important NPDs, Parkinson’s disease (PD) and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). NPDs coincide with subtle to severe chronic or flaring brain inflammation, important features of autoimmune diseases. This, in combination with our expected findings support a paradigm shift towards the classification of NPDs as autoimmune diseases. This vision will pave the way to develop a new generation of safe and effective immunotherapies for this largest cluster of diseases. Within REDONE one such a novel treatment strategy will be developed in an interdisciplinary approach. It combines expertise from different fields of research i.e., neurology, psychiatry, virology, gene therapy, vaccine development, pathology, behavioural phenotyping of animal models. We will validate a new immunisation method to identify the primary targets, i.e. primary self-antigens (pSAgs) involved in the autoimmune damage of the brain parts from PD and ADHD patients. Then, we will develop inducible animal models of both diseases by immunising animals with pSAgs. Finally, we will use a sensational new “reverse vaccination” approach to effectively restore immune tolerance to pSAgs of PD and ADHD to cure the animals from both diseases. The accuracy and efficacy of our newly developed reverse vaccines will be assessed using innovative neuropathology assays.
 REDONE’s expected results include 1) a change in our vision on NPDs; 2) the availability of more accurate animal models or PD and ADHD and 3) a novel reverse vaccination strategy to cure NPDs. Reverse vaccines have the potential to yield a new generation of therapeutics and even prophylactics addressing today’s major diseases, dramatically changing the medicine landscape.

We have NOT been understood (referees did not appreciate our proposal) ... Nobody will ever see whether these ideas were promising!  
(We still trust these were promising!) 


 This project was just rejected (16 feb 2018) !

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